Kristen Stewart Dives Back into the Vampire Genre with Oscar Isaac in "Flesh of the Gods"

  • Greg Burn
  • May 07, 2024
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Kristen Stewart Dives Back into the Vampire Genre with Oscar Isaac in "Flesh of the Gods"

A dozen years since the phenomenon of Twilight, Kristen Stewart is preparing to immerse herself once more in the world of the undead, this occasion alongside Oscar Isaac.

In their upcoming film, "Flesh of the Gods," directed by the visionary Panataos Cosmatos, known for "Mandy," and penned by both Cosmatos and Andrew Kevin Walker, the mind behind "Se7en," the pair will lead. Adam McKay, whose accolades include an Oscar and the direction of "Don't Look Up," is on board as the producer.

As detailed in the official narrative, Stewart and Isaac embody Raoul and Alex, spouses ensconced in the opulence of 1980s Los Angeles. Nightly, they descend from their high-rise abode into the vibrant nightlife below. Their lives take a turn upon meeting Nameless and her hedonistic followers, plunging Raoul and Alex into a world fraught with indulgence, excitement, and peril.

This endeavor marks Kristen Stewart's comeback to vampire-themed films after her iconic portrayal of Bella Swan in "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part Two," the final chapter of the beloved series. Stewart reflected on her previous role involving vampires and the memorable scenes it entailed, and she also addressed the troubling aspects of Edward and Bella's relationship on the "Not Skinny But Not Fat" podcast.

"Flesh Of The Gods" presents a narrative as multifaceted as Los Angeles, veering between the fantastical and the nightmarish. The film promises an exhilarating experience, likened to a daring escapade into the dazzling abyss.

The debut of "Flesh of the Gods" remains anticipated. For further excitement, delve into our compilation of the most awaited films slated for 2024 and onward, or direct your attention to our detailed calendar of movie premieres.

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