Open-World Horror Survival Game May Come From Lords of the Fallen Developer

  • Samanta Blumberg
  • Dec 28, 2023
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Open-World Horror Survival Game May Come From Lords of the Fallen Developer

CI Games, recognized for its work on Lords of the Fallen, explores a different domain with the prospect of an open-world survival horror title. Though the company has not made any formal announcements, job listings on the CI Games website strongly suggest the game is in the works. Indications of a horror theme in the game emerge from the detailed descriptions within multiple job postings.

Veryaligaming's keen observations of the job openings point toward utilizing Unreal Engine 5 for the upcoming title. An added emphasis on melee encounters fits the horror genre quite snugly. Moreover, mentions of elements such as weapon advancement and customizing character abilities tease the incorporation of RPG features, offering an intriguing spin on the typical horror experience.

The position of combat designer elaborates on their involvement with an 'ambitious and original open-world survival game' with horror undertones, which promises to deliver a fresh approach in both gameplay mechanics and the types of obstacles players will face. Emphasis on high visual fidelity is made clear with the selection of Unreal Engine 5 as the foundation for game development.

A potential role for a Senior Technical Artist suggests the construction of spine-chilling settings. At the same time, the responsibilities of an Economy Designer hint at the creation of monetization systems, including microtransactions. The exact role throws light on an RPG-like progression for weapons and character setups, alongside requirements focusing on melee confrontations hinging on player proximity to adversaries.

Though job listings reference "multi-platform development" and "cooperative gameplay," it remains uncertain whether these facets relate to the rumored survival horror game or a different undertaking. A separate vacancy for a DevOps Engineer mentioned involvement in an 'ambitious and original multiplayer FPS made with Unreal Engine 5,' casting some ambiguity on the team's overall focus.

Notably, most had been removed when investigating the job postings, except for the DevOps Engineer position, which was sparse on specifics and centered on FPS experience.

To sum up, the speculation surrounding CI Games' new project should be approached with caution until there's an official statement, as these job postings, despite offering clues, are not concrete evidence of the game's existence and can often evolve during the development process.

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