Samsung Good Lock App Reportedly Hits Google Play Store as Early Access for Galaxy Smartphones

  • Samanta Blumberg
  • May 06, 2024
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Samsung Good Lock App Reportedly Hits Google Play Store as Early Access for Galaxy Smartphones

The Samsung Good Lock app, a sophisticated customization tool designed for Galaxy smartphones that enables users to tinker with a variety of modules and introduce new features, is allegedly making its way to the Google Play Store. This app provides with the ability to personalize their lock screen, notifications, home screen, among other elements. Previously, this app was exclusive to the Galaxy Store. But now, there are reports it's been spotted on the Play Store available as early access. It's important to note, however, that the app remains exclusive to Galaxy smartphones and won't function on other Android devices.

A report from 9to5Google mentioned that the Good Lock app has been observed on the Google Play Store as an early access offering. This status implies that the app won’t be accessible to everyone; only a select few will have the privilege to download and utilize it as intended. Our team at Gadgets 360 was unable to find the app on the Play Store, possibly owing to its restricted availability in a limited number of countries. Currently, the app does not appear to be accessible in India.

According to a screenshot from the informant @tarunvats33, the latest version of the app stands at The app's file size is noted to be 3.3MB, and its description outlines the familiar features found in the Galaxy Store counterpart. Interestingly, the app seems to appear for Android phones that are not Galaxy models, but it includes a warning stating that these phones are incompatible with the app.

Given that the app is still under development, it might not perform optimally for all users. It is advised against installing it on one’s main device due to potential stability issues, even if access is granted.

In 2018, Samsung unveiled the Good Lock app as a means to offer Galaxy smartphone users a higher degree of customization. This tool includes applications such as Lockstar, Quickstar, Task Changer, and ClockFace, enhancing personalization across supported Galaxy devices. It offers advanced options for personalizing sound settings via the integrated Sound Assistant, in addition to allowing users to modify their notifications and incorporate visual enhancements.

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