Exploring the Das Keyboard MacTigr: A Premium Mechanical Marvel for Mac Users

  • Sarah Swanson
  • May 11, 2024
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Exploring the Das Keyboard MacTigr: A Premium Mechanical Marvel for Mac Users

As tech progresses, the search for the ideal keyboard that enhances Apple's elegant Macs has sparked intriguing developments in the realm of mechanical keyboards. While Mac users previously faced limited choices, a novel contender has emerged, delivering a welcome revitalization to the available options. This review delves into the Das Keyboard MacTigr, a product that combines traditional mechanical keyboard virtues with the specific needs of Mac users, and assesses whether its premium price tag is justified.

Unboxing the MacTigr: First Impressions

The launch of the Das Keyboard MacTigr injects new life into the Mac-compatible keyboard market, which was previously dominated by mainly non-mechanical options such as those provided by Apple or the less prominent Matias keyboards. At first glance, the MacTigr, with its complete Mac layout, mechanical switches, and an assortment of functional novelties such as a volume knob, positions itself as a premium offering in this niche market. However, its appeal hinges not just on its features but also on its build quality and design, which we keenly scrutinize.

The Design: A Blend of Form and Functionality

Keyboard MacTigr

The MacTigr distinguishes itself with a robust and sleek design. Constructed with a steel top plate and an aluminium casing, the keyboard exudes an air of durability while maintaining a weight that feels substantial without being overly heavy. Its slim profile and modern aesthetic are enhanced by the choice of MX Low Profile switches, a decision that not only complements the board's low-profile design but also promises a more comfortable typing experience.

Keycaps and Comfort

A deep dive into the MacTigr's design wouldn't be complete without mentioning its keycaps. Made from doubleshot PBT, these keycaps are an upgrade over the more commonly used ABS keycaps, offering a luxurious texture that enhances typing comfort. This decision reflects Das Keyboard's dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction, focusing on an aspect that may appear trivial but is crucial in everyday interactions.

Tailored for the Mac User

Keyboard MacTigr

The MacTigr shines in its attention to detail tailored for the Mac ecosystem. Including a USB-C cable and dual USB-C passthrough ports, the keyboard aligns with the connectivity options prevalent in modern Macs. Additionally, it boasts nearly 20 function keys and solid multimedia control buttons, including a volume wheel, reinforcing its utility beyond mere typing into the realm of comprehensive input devices for Mac users.

The Typing Experience: Beyond Expectations

At the heart of MacTigr's appeal is its typing experience, which is facilitated by the smooth and linear Cherry MX Low Profile Red keyswitches. Designed for efficiency, these switches offer a shorter travel distance without sacrificing responsiveness, catering to both typists and gamers. The inclusion of full N-Key rollover further underscores the keyboard's meticulous design, allowing for simultaneous key presses without dropping inputs—a feature equally beneficial for gaming sessions or frenzied typing sprees.

Gaming on a Mac Keyboard? Unorthodox but Effective

Keyboard MacTigr

While not its primary design intention, the MacTigr's mechanical feedback and low-profile switches lend themselves surprisingly well to gaming. This capability, combined with its N-key rollover feature, presents the MacTigr as a competent gaming peripheral, albeit without the additional bells and whistles like high polling rates or complex macro programming found on dedicated gaming keyboards.

Conclusion: A Pricey but Meritorious Addition to the Mac Ecosystem

In conclusion, the Das Keyboard MacTigr stands out as a premium keyboard that marries mechanical precision with Mac-specific functionality. While its steep price tag may deter some, for dedicated Mac users, the investment could prove to be justified, offering a level of typing pleasure and build quality not commonly found in other Mac-compatible keyboards. It's a forward-thinking device designed to complement the modern Apple setup, enhancing both work and play with a subtle blend of style and performance.

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