Paladins - Best Champions and Team Strategies for New Players

  • Greg Burn
  • May 17, 2024
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Paladins - Best Champions and Team Strategies for New Players

As a new player entering the vibrant world of Paladins, an action-packed, team-based shooter, understanding the fundamental components is crucial. Developed by Hi-Rez Studios, Paladins stands out with its unique blend of direct combat and objective-based teamplay, where two teams fight to control the map's objectives. Players select from a range of heroes, each possessing distinct powers and functions that enhance the team's effectiveness. The key to mastering Paladins is not only choosing the right champions but also employing effective strategies and teamwork.

The game features several modes, but most beginners will spend their time in Siege or Team Deathmatch. Understanding the objectives, such as capturing points and pushing payloads, provides a strategic edge. Every match in Paladins is a test of skill, strategic thinking, and adaptability, making it a captivating experience for new players.

Choosing the Best Champions for Beginners

One of the first challenges any novice will face is selecting the right champions. While every champion in Paladins has its strengths, some are more forgiving and effective for beginners due to their straightforward playstyles and impactful abilities. For instance, Viktor, with his traditional shooter mechanics and powerful but easy-to-use abilities like the Barrage and Frag Grenade, is an ideal choice for those familiar with first-person shooters.

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For those interested in playing a support role, Seris offers a great mix of healing and survivability. Her ability to quickly heal allies and escape danger using Shadow Travel makes her an excellent choice for players new to the support role. Meanwhile, Fernando is recommended for beginners who prefer a more defensive playstyle. His ability to shield himself and his teammates with a large protective barrier makes him a stalwart defender.

Lastly, for players who enjoy setting traps and controlling the battlefield, Barik can be a rewarding choice. His Deployable Turrets provide substantial area control, helping to defend objectives and choke points effectively.

Developing Effective Team Strategies

Team composition and coordination are pivotal in Paladins. A balanced team that includes champions from different roles—Damage, Flank, Support, and Front Line—is essential for success. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of each team member and how they can support each other is key to developing a strong game plan.

Ideally, your team should adapt its strategy based on the enemy's composition and the specific demands of the map. For instance, if the enemy team lacks a good Flank champion, your team could capitalize on this by using highly mobile champions to harass and pick off isolated enemies.

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Communication is another critical aspect of team strategy. Using the game’s built-in voice chat or pings allows for better coordination, especially when trying to secure objectives or regroup after a setback. Letting teammates know about enemy positions, low-health targets, or ready ultimate abilities can turn the tide of battle.

Understanding Game Mechanics and Map Features

Each map in Paladins has unique features and layouts that can significantly impact how matches unfold. For beginners, it is important to familiarize oneself with each map’s choke points, flank routes, and sniper perches. Maps like 'Frog Isle' and 'Ice Mines' have distinct layouts that can advantage or disadvantage certain champion types.

Learning how to leverage the environment is also crucial. Many maps include vertical elements that can be exploited by champions with high mobility. Understanding where you can expect enemy attacks from and knowing your escape routes can drastically increase your survivability.

Pay attention to the objective timers and make strategic decisions based on them. For instance, when the payload is nearing its destination, it may be wiser to regroup and mount a coordinated defense rather than rushing in one by one.

Mastering Champion Abilities and Loadouts

Each champion in Paladins has a unique set of abilities that defines their role on the team. Understanding these abilities and learning how to use them effectively in different situations is paramount. Take time to practice each ability in the training room or in casual matches to get a feel for its range, effects, and tactical uses.

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Beyond abilities, Paladins allows players to customize their champions through Loadouts and Talents. These can significantly alter how a champion performs. Experimenting with different Loadouts and Talents can help you refine your play style and enhance your effectiveness in various scenarios.

For example, Viktor can be customized to either enhance his grenade's damage or reduce the cooldown of his sprint. Depending on your play style and the needs of your team, one may be more beneficial than the other.

Communicating Effectively with Your Team

Communication in Paladins is not just about coordinating attacks or defenses. It's also about building morale and maintaining a positive team dynamic. Encourage your team, acknowledge good plays, and stay constructive in your criticisms. This can often make the difference between a team that falls apart under pressure and one that rallies to make a comeback.

Utilize the VGS (Voice Guided System) efficiently. This quick communication tool allows you to send predefined messages to your teammates about enemy positions, strategies, or even simple encouragements. Familiarizing yourself with the VGS commands can enhance your team's responsiveness and strategic coherence.

Moreover, being mindful of when to communicate is crucial. Over-communicating can be just as harmful as under-communicating. Find a balance that keeps your teammates informed without overwhelming them.

Handling Bugs and Glitches

Like any video game, Paladins can occasionally suffer from bugs and glitches. Handling these unexpected issues calmly can help prevent them from disrupting your gameplay experience. Should you come across a bug, make sure to document it precisely and communicate it via official platforms, enabling it to be rectified in subsequent updates.


Common issues might include graphical glitches, unresponsive controls, or unexpected game behavior. Sometimes, simple steps like restarting the game or checking for updates can resolve these issues.

In cases where bugs impact gameplay significantly, adapt your strategy accordingly. For example, if a specific area of the map is glitching, it might be wise to avoid it and adjust your team’s approach to focus on other objectives.

Utilizing Cheats and Tips to Enhance Play

Although Paladins does not endorse traditional "cheating," there are many legitimate strategies and tips that can give you an advantage. Understanding map-specific tactics, such as where to best deploy ambushes or defensive stands, can markedly improve your performance.

Additionally, keep an eye on the competitive scene. Watching professional players and analyzing their strategies can provide insights into advanced tactics and team compositions that are effective at higher levels of play. This can inspire your own gameplay and give you ideas on how to handle certain situations or champion matchups.

Lastly, actively participating in community forums and discussion boards can provide valuable advice from more experienced players. The Paladins community is vibrant and often eager to help newcomers refine their skills.


Beginning your journey as a newcomer in Paladins might seem overwhelming, yet by acquiring proper insights and tactics, you can swiftly transform into an essential contributor to your team, relishing the engaging and strategic elements that Paladins provides. Remember, mastering Paladins requires not only individual skill but also effective communication, strategic thinking, and continuous learning. By choosing the right champions, understanding the game mechanics, and working closely with your team, you’ll find yourself thriving on the battlefield in no time.

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